О бренде SAHARA



Modest fashion is for everyone!

Development of a loyal attitude towards modest clothes in the world society through fashionable, high-quality and exclusive models.


Combining the traditions of European style and Eastern Islamic culture. Clothing collections were created and are created from free and most comfortable silhouettes, but taking into account the latest fashion trends.


Brand DNA has three components

  1. Comfort
  2. Quality
  3. Creativity


The creation of the brand was inspired by the beauty of the naturalness and grandeur of the Sahara Desert.

In the 2008 monitoring of the Russian market for halal clothing showed the absence of modest, comfortable and at the same time boring clothing for Muslim girls on the market. There were attempts to import fashionable clothes from Egypt, but nevertheless, for the development of this industry in Russia, it became necessary to create our own brand.

Thus, in 2009 the SAHARA company was created and the first collection was released which consisted of only 7 models. Later in 2010 it was the opening of our own production.

The company is scaled up. The rebranding and restructuring of the company in 2020 allows the company to conquer new heights and enter new markets today. Today the SAHARA brand has a showroom in Ufa and 2 stores in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan). Collections are made in Bursa (Turkey) in the amount of more than 100 different models.

On an ongoing basis sales are carried out abroad including to Europe, the United States, etc.

We are open to new formats of partnership including a franchise program. Today franchise stores are successfully operating in Grozny, Makhachkala, Khasavyurt, etc.